Yeti Whoop Oolong Tea from Nepal

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This is my absolute favorite oolong, loose leaf tea. I am completely addicted to the high elevation teas. They tend to have a crisp, clean taste and the oolongs have a wide variety of flavors, from woodsy to a blend of floral aromas. This tea has a Woodsy, Mushroom, and Crisp aroma and flavor. It has a slight astringency, but no floral tones. This is a 'limited addiction' tea for us. We will only have a small offering before it's gone. This tin offers 3 oz. 


One of my favorites! This tea originates from an elevation of 7000 feet. It is crisp with a wet wood flavor. I have found my second infusion is the best. There is less astringency. 

Steep Time: 4-6 minutes at 206 degrees

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