Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea - 3 oz. Tin

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Classic Earl Grey Tea w/ Oil of Bergamot. This selection is Organic Sourced. Earl Grey is a Classic Black Tea. Unusual and Desired, once you develop an appreciation for its unique qualities. The essential oil - 'Oil of Bergamont' is added to the tea to give it a flowery and citrus aroma and taste. The taste has hints of Prune, Rose, and Citrus.


Earl Grey did not used to be one of my favorites. But now, now that I have developed my palate a bit in my tea tasting, it is one of my addictions. I could drink this tea all day, and often do. I don't like anything added like sugar or milk. Oil of Bergamont has many health benefits. 

Origin: Sri Lanka

Steep Time: 3-6 minutes at 206 degrees

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