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From the tallest peaks of Nepal to the sun-soaked plains of Kenya, tea is a product produced throughout the world and enjoyed by the International Community.

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Our suppliers are the best! Our Matcha teas are exquisite. Matcha powdered green tea has 137 times more antioxidants than regularly brewed green tea. Matcha Tea is known for its multiple, healthful benefits and is 100% natural.

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Turkish Teas in the Americas

Feb 18th 2024 Posted by Judith A. Ames

Turkish Teas in the Americas

I am slowly getting back to my tea roots. The Chocolate Shop has absorbed so much of my time over th

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Do You Fancy Fiestaware?

Feb 27th 2022 Posted by Judith A. Ames

Do You Fancy Fiestaware?

I grew up in a family the collected and sold antiques. I loved the smell of the old furniture, marve

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Hi all! Welcome to My World!

Jun 15th 2021 Posted by Judith A. Ames

Hi all! Welcome to My World!

 Well sort of anyway. All of my life I have loved growing things. My parents would give me are

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