Wholesale / VIP

Welcome to our Wholesale and Corporate/VIP customer page. As a special buyer, you will enjoy discounts like: bulk quantities, pricing discounts to 50% on your orders, free shipping for orders $200 or more, and special discounts throughout the year. 


Wholesale Customers will need to provide valid resale numbers, shipping address, and billing information. Payment can be made bu PayPal Invoice, or by phone with valid credit card. Except in a few cases, payment needs to be made prior to shipping. Most Wholesale orders ship 3 - 7 days from order, Usually. We try to get the products to you ASAP.


VIP/Corporate Customer Accounts are designed for businesses and special clientele that wish to open an account for gifting customers and clients. Our VIP/Corporate customers will enjoy discounts to 20% and have special discounted items throughout the year. You will just need to register with us so we have an account set up for you in our system.


Corporate Labeling is available for customers that wish to have their business logo/packaging for special gifts or occasions. Labeling/packaging which features your business logo and colors, an advance lead time is required to produce your ideal product.  


To establish a 9 Lives Tea House Wholesale or VIP/Corporate account:

  1. Call our toll free number: (833) 374-6583 or (833) DRINK-TE
  2. Send an email to ninelivestea@outlook.com
  3. Follow-up if you do not hear from us within 3 days. Sometimes emails hit the spam folders.

Please allow us 24–72 hours to process and contact you about setting up your new account. Or, you can call us at the 9 Lives Tea shop in Murfreesboro, Tennessee — (833) 374-6583.

Note: Your privacy is important to us. The information collected by 9 lives Tea House, LLC is used solely by/for us and is not shared or sold.