Do You Fancy Fiestaware?

Do You Fancy Fiestaware?

Posted by Judith A. Ames on Feb 27th 2022

I grew up in a family the collected and sold antiques. I loved the smell of the old furniture, marveled over the porcelain items and their craftmanship. My aunt and uncle had the most glorious collections and I learned a lot from them.

Collectibles pull at my conscious. They call me to wonder about their history, past, and their previous caretakers. It's hard for me to resist an Antique Store or Resale Shop. There is always something in there that seems to be calling my name.

Over the years, as I began to expand my passion for International Teas, I decided to take the opportunity to combine my Tea business with my Antique passions and collect antique and vintage Teapots and Tea ware. I bought Teapots and Teacups at auction. My favorite sites were in California, Florida, and Indiana, but I did purchase from London, England and France.

Soon, I was purchasing so many collectibles, semi trucks would arrive and deliver pallets of collectibles won. I maybe got a little carried away. Fiestaware quickly became one of my favorite collectibles. The history about the pottery is as fascinating as the item itself. Fiestaware has a huge following. Their simplicity, durability, and wide range of vibrant colors are well known in the US.

The Art Deco Design of the Fiestaware was a great draw. Even though they would drop out of favor occasionally, the collectible side has always been strong. The older the item, the better the resale price. Many resellers don't do their homework to identify or evaluate the item they have. This works to the collectors advantage, but most true collectors know what they have and it's approximate worth. Some of the older pieces are becoming harder to find. I have some real goodies in my collection.

I am at a point where I I have decided to make my personal collection available for purchase. I will be listing my items on my eBay store: oldcastle and they will be available in my brick and mortar shop in Murfreesboro, Tennessee - 9 Lives Tea House.

                                                                1936 - 1951 Old Ivory Large Teapot

If you are looking for that special treasure - check out the shop or my eBay store. I might just have what you have been looking for!

Judith A. Ames - CEO/Owner of 9 Lives Tea House & Cowgirl Chocolates