Jasmine Pearls - Green Tea with Jasmine Blossoms

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Jasmine Pearls is a Green Tea with added Jasmine Blossoms. The leaves are rolled into small balls and dried. Our tea is Organically Sourced. These tall tins hold 3 oz. The brew offers a crsip, floral, and refreshing tea. The jasmine is mild, not overbearing. The liquor is a clear, light green. Due to the nature of the processing, you may want to toss the first infusion and enjoy the second and possibly a third. Additional flavors are available as the leaves open up and steep a second and third time. 


This tea was pleasently surprising. I like Jasmine but often times it can overwhelm the tea if too much is added to the blend. Green Tea isn't my 'go to' first choice, I tend to enjoy the heavier, black pu-erh teas, but this one was quite enjoyable. If you enjoy Green Tea, give this one a try! 

Steep Time: 3 - 5 minutes at 190 degrees

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