About Us

WELCOME to 9 Lives Tea House!

Join us for that perfect cup of tea brewed from our imported tea leaves from distributors across America. We have a large selection of Organic and Fair-Trade Teas. Our store features Loose Leaf Tea as well as Bagged Tea, Tea Tins, Gift Sets and Tea ware.

Our journey into the World of Tea has been a long one. I started using teas to alleviate stomach issues I have had all of my life. My condition was later diagnosed as Celiac Disease. That diagnosis, unfortunately, took 45 years to acquire. Much damage was done and my health has suffered from the late diagnosis. I have used tea to calm my symptoms and cleanse the toxins as well as help me to sleep and relax.

The research in regard to the benefits of tea by the USDA is slow in coming but it is coming. Whenever we are able to site a study for the benefits of our teas, we will, but in the meantime just know our commitment to offering a high grade of tea and tea blends with tons of flavor.  We proudly stand by the quality of our teas and purchase only from the reputable importers.  

Throughout our pages you will find Seasonal Varieties, Special Blends, Loose-leaf, and Bagged Teas, and some of the newest and neatest tea ware available. Our inventory changes frequently to keep our selection fresh and new. Tea Taster Reviews will be included with each tea selection. We look forward to having you as our customer!

Follow our news and adventures through our blog: midtennesseeteanews.wordpress.com

In the meantime, have a seat; kick off your shoes and “Find Your Zen”. Pour a hot cup of tea and enjoy!

Judith A. Ames