About Our Tea

About our teas:

We purchase our teas and botanicals from National and International Suppliers. Some teas arrive pre-packaged and some teas, our loose-leaf teas, are purchased in bulk. Any 'custom blend' we produce is marketed under our label.

We specialize in tea from around the world. There is a huge selection from which to choose. Some of our teas 'support' worldly causes such as The Ajiri Foundation. Ajiri returns 100%, after taxes, any profits to the Kisii community to provide educational assistance to orphans of western Kenya. In addition, the packaging of the tea is hand-made by the ladies of Kisii region. Sales of the tea supports the farmers, employs women, and pays school costs for the orphans. 9 Lives Tea House is proud to offer Ajiri Tea and support this project.

In addition - Ajiri Coffee, ground and whole bean, and HUGO Coffee Beans are the only coffees 9 Lives Tea House offers. HUGO Coffee sales go to support rescue dogs.

Once we have a few more selections on the shop floor - we will be offering events such as 'Free Tea Tuesday' and Individual Packaged Tea Selections. It looks like the Tea Classes will be moved to next Spring and Summer. With all of the craziness going on - better safe than sorry.