Sundae Special Sampler Tin



Sunday Special / Tisane

1 tbsp. – Water Temp – 206 Degrees - Brew Time – 3-5 min.

Country of Origin: Custom Blend

Low Caffeine: Yes / Organic -

Appearance: Dry Leaf – Red Rooibos, Peppercorn Berries, with Cocoa Bits and Apple Bits

                        Infused Leaf –

                        Liquor – Burnt Orange to a rich Brown


                        Dry Leaf – This tea blend smells like a chocolate sundae and a strawberry sundae all rolled up pin one. Bubblegum and Tutti Frutti! Yummy!!

                        Infused Leaf – Deep Notes, almost a Chocolate and Citrus aroma with the Banana and Coconut understated, but detectable.

                        Liquor – Chocolate and a peppery note. There are flavors of banana, apple, and a slight woodsy flavor.  

Liquid Flavor and Mouth Feel:

              Hot – Chocolate and sweet flavors are up front. The apple shows up as you swallow. There is a slight tang from the peppercorn that lingers.

              Cool –

Taste Highlights:

              The chocolate flavors make you think you are enjoying a hot chocolate, but in a tea. It is an excellent evening selection, especially in the Winter.

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