Lullaby Lady Tea Tin Sampler

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‘Lullaby Lady’ / Tisane (Herbal Blend)

1 tbsp. – Water Temp – 206 Degrees - Brew Time – 5 to 7 Minutes

Country of Origin: Custom Blend

No Caffeine: Yes / All Organic

Appearance: Dry Leaf – Large Chamomile Flowers, Rose Petals, Green Lemongrass Leaves

                        Infused Leaf –

                        Liquor – A Pale Yellow


                        Dry Leaf – Lemon, Strong Spearmint, and Rose. A touch of Chamomile. Strong Floral and Fruity – Bubblegum.

                        Infused Leaf –

                        Liquor - The first thing that hits you is the Chamomile. The spearmint blends with the Chamomile and the Rose is present but understated.

Liquid Flavor and Mouth Feel:

              Hot – The liquor coats your tongue most likely from the Chamomile. The citrus is very light. There is a slight ingle from the mints. The flavor lingers. 

              Cool – As the liquor cools off the flavors all mellow.

Taste Highlights:

              As a nighttime tea blend, the chamomile and spearmint are the strongest flavors. The first infusion is very light in flavor. If a more robust tea is desired, I would go straight to the 2nd fusion or increase the tea by 1/3 or half. This particular blend has some of the best chamomile I have seen in years. If you are a Chamomile lover, you can’t go wrong.

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