Banana Jamma Sampler

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Banana Jamma: Herbal Blend/Tisane

1 tbs. – Water Temp – 206 Degrees - Brew Time – 5-7 min.

Country of Origin: Custom Blend

No Caffeine: Yes / All Organic -

Appearance: Dry Leaf – Gold, Red, and Light Green from Chamomile, Rooibos, and Lavender Buds

                        Infused Leaf – Brown Mash

                        Liquor – Burnt Orange, Amber in Color


                        Dry Leaf – Rich Banana w/ Strong Citrus. Vanilla and Coconut w/ a tiny touch of Lavender.

                        Infused Leaf – Deep Notes, almost a Chocolate and Citrus aroma with the Banana and Coconut understated, but detectable.

                        Liquor – Banana, Coconut, and an Orange Citrus detected.

Liquid Flavor and Mouth Feel:

              Hot – Citrus and Orange taste up front. A light, fresh taste with a touch of the coconut detectable.

              Cool – As the liquor cools off the coconut comes out along with the Rooibos. As it continues to cool, the citrus decreases.

Taste Highlights:

              A refreshing dessert type of tea. A pleasant blending of vanilla and orange tones with a slight tang from the citrus, but very muted. This tea is not overly floral or citrusy. I paired it with some fudge I was reviewing and feel it would be nice dessert compliment.

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