Our Tea

Tea is the New Coffee! Enjoying a huge resurgence of fans, the Tea Industry is growing in leaps and bounds. Everyone is getting in on the trend.

I label myself as somewhat of a Tea Snob. Not that that is a bad thing. Like a good wine, a  connoisseur learns to train their pallet to detect the nuances of the wine they are drinking. It is an art and a practiced skill. Once a tea-totaler tries Organic, Fair Trade loose leaf tea, it is hard to go back to a store bought, mass-produced tea. There is a significant difference in taste, flavor, blends, and choices.  Blending tea has become a true craft to tea enthusiasts. Blending and brewing has become an art form. Each is unique and proprietary. I like to refer to them as 'varieties' just like in the wine world. The Tea Houses proudly place their names on their teas. We have tried every tea that comes into 9  Lives Tea House and I select the varieties I believe our customers will enjoy having in their cupboards and kitchens.


9 Lives Tea House offers morning blends, afternoon 'pick-me-up' blends, dessert blends, bedtime blends, and holiday blends. Remember, each selection is unique and if you find one you particularly enjoy, stock up as once that run is gone, it is gone. The new lot may be a bit different due to the harvest, season, weather, handling/processing, and so on. All of these things effect the outcome of the tea leaves and will alter the product to some degree.

Take the adventure with us! Kick off your shoes, get comfortable, and begin the adventure of Tea Tasting! Once you partake, you will have a tough time going back to the standard blends. We guarantee it!