Antique Teaware

A love of Antiques has been a part of  my family all of my life. I am proud to be able to continue in the footsteps of my parents and aunts and uncles. We have included an excellent selection of highly desired collectibles, unique and historical pieces. I have been shipping these treasures for many years and have the process down to an art. We have just purchased a line of shipping products to take our breakable protections to a new level and all of our collectibles are packaged in house. I have one customer that explains our packing process as 'it could have been dropped from a plane'. On occasion, the worst may happen but we not only ship for free, we fully insure every package for cost. You can buy your new collectible or antique with confidence. We only have one of these rare items so if you have been looking for it or really would like to add it to your collection, do not hesitate! We do offer lay-away to help with your purchase. We will be happy to work out a payment schedule with you.

It is almost Fiesta time again and my source for the great Fiesta Ware pieces is having a huge auction. Some of the pieces will be new and some vintage. There should be an interesting selection! Contact me via e-mail or by phone if there is something special you are seeking.